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Bag to Life Alpha Luggage Tag Red

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The eternal search is over!

Full of expectation at the luggage carousel between pushing through people and waiting for your bag. But which suitcase is mine now? ... Everyone has experienced that endless waiting at the luggage carousel and the uncertainty as to whether the suitcase you think is yours truly is. Life just got easier with the Alpha Suitcase Sign. The luggage tag stands out from a distance!

  • Makes the trip safer!
    • Find your suitcase quickly!
  • Internal address label
    • If your suitcase does not show up, your data is safely stored!
  • Upcycling at its best
    • Original aircraft belt makes it all possible
  • Easy to attach to the case

    • Use the carabiner or the loop from the life jacket, both make for a great hold!

Mix it Up

Bright red or steel gray, One for each occasion. Be flashy with the red or a little more reserved with the grey. Simply practical: the Alpha Suitcase Sign!

Recommended by travel experts!

The route is the goal. With the Alpha Suitcase Sign you make it as easy as possible. No long searches at the luggage carousel, your own suitcase can be identified quickly. What more do you need? Oh yes, the luggage tag also looks good and is sustainably produced. By the way: It makes for a great gift!

Product Details

Size: W 18,5 x H 5cm

Weight: 40g

Made in Europe

The product images are samples. Since each item is unique, there are variations in the design of each item.

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